The Difference Between Cheap Web Hosting and Expensive Hosting Companies

Using a cheap web hosting just because you are on a budget is not a good enough reason to use it. Read and discover the real difference between cheap and expensive hosting!

A lot of people have tried to host their new websites and online stores with cheap web hosting companies, however, they’ve experienced many issues. Eventually, they needed to find a stable web hosting service provider.

In order to stop you from making any mistakes, we will share with you the difference between cheap web hosting and expensive hosting companies:

– Support: The level of support you are provided by the web hosting company should be one of the most important considerations when choosing a provider. Every website or online store is bound to run into some troubles and choosing a web hosting provider that has a professional support team means a lot. The cheap web hosting companies don’t provide quality support. Most companies save money by hiring offshore support with technicians who don’t know how to help you or solve an issue. Remember, the low price represents low-level of support.

– Price: When analyzing the prices for web hosting services and hosting plans, you need to make sure the price is fair and credible. For example, if you are spending $5 a month, that is enough for one technician to help you solve an issue. If you ran into a problem with your website and you think the problem is quite complex, keep in mind that it may take a few hours to solve. Cheaper hosting companies are usually strict about what is included in their price and in the support agreement and sometimes they may charge you extra if the problems you experience are outside of the support they offer with the hosting plans.

– Reliability: Another very important factor that business owners usually fail to consider is how much it will cost them if their site or online store went offline. The costs of lost reputation or lost revenue from a website or online store being offline can be serious. It is important to consider the reliability of the web hosting servers when choosing a company to host your website. One very useful feature to consider is how much it would cost you to have your site down for a few hours.

You need to make sure the hosting company won’t impact your business. We recommend you to check Shopify since it is a great and reliable hosting platform, they offer different features so hosting your website will be pretty easy, all you need to do is to check them out by clicking on Shopify.

Another great way to clear your mind on the type of hosting platform for your business, is to have a chat about reliability before you sign up an agreement. What can happen is that the cheap web hosting service provider becomes inappropriate over time as your business grows.

The hosting providers (at least some of them) provide uptime guarantee to their potential clients to guarantee them their website will remain online. The cheap web hosting companies don’t have these up-time guarantees.

– Security: For any website or online store, security is key to making sure your customers purchase your items and your business and personal information is protected. Most cheap web hosting companies have basic protections to prevent hacking attempts, however, they aren’t securing your hosting account. The reliable and more expensive web hosting companies are taking security very seriously guaranteeing your customers’ information is safe and protected.

There are numerous factors to consider when comparing two or more web hosting companies and the price is just one of them. Whilst a cheap web hosting service provider might look attractive, in most cases, it should be seen as a warning not to use or host your website with them. Instead, choose a reliable and secure web hosting company that provides all the security features for you to run your website.