What’s the best domain name you can get? Are you still trying to figure out how to come up with the right name? In case your answers are affirmative, then you should know that we have a few tips that can help you clear your dilemmas and find the right domain name. Use these tips before you visit an established domain name registrar.

What are your goals?

Starting a website without a plan is a mistake. That’s why you should come up with a plan that will help you understand your future goals regarding your domain and website. Are you looking for a domain name in order to market a business or you are just making experiments?

Selecting a domain extension

Choose a top-level domain extension like .com or .net. The only exception to this rule is when you want to use a country code because you are running a business or project focused on a specific country. In other words, the decision you make should depend on the goals you have. In case you are looking for a domain that will redirect visitors to another URL, then you can use domain extensions like .info for example. Keep in mind that the price of domain extensions is not the same.

Hyphens and numbers

Generally speaking, you should stay away from numbers and hyphens. Some experts believe that hyphens and numbers won’t make a difference, but even if that’s true, the fact is that people won’t be able to remember the name of your website. Unless your business name contains hyphens and/or numbers, you should stay away from them.

The length of the domain name

Most experts agree that a domain name should be simple, short and easy to remember. This is quite logical because similar to ordinary business names, you are looking for a name that is easy to spell and say and memorize too. If the domain name is very long, people will have trouble remembering them.

SEO and web traffic

It’s crucial to conduct keyword research before you pick a domain name. This is logical because the domain name has an impact on your website’s search engine rankings. So, the best idea is to opt for a domain name which contains a keyword or keyword phrase that’s related to your industry. in this way, you can boost the traffic to your website from the moment you launch your site.