Have you ever heard about WHOIS domain name search? This is something that every Internet user can utilize to they want to learn more about a certain domain name. if they conduct a search like this, they will get access to private and relatively sensitive information related to the specific domain name. This kind of information can be used in a few different ways.

First of all, if you are the website owner, you can use this type of search to check whether the domain name servers are up-to-date. Typically, a DNS change lasts for a few hours. However, there are situations where it takes up to two days for this process to be finished. Once the update is finished, you will notice the primary as well as the secondary DNS in the search results. This means that the update is finished.

Next, on the list, we have individuals and organizations that may want to purchase a domain name that’s been taken. If they use a WHOIS domain search, they can find information about the current owner. In this way, they can contact the owner and ask them whether they are interested in selling that domain name.

Even the spammers have interest in using WHOIS domain search. They are usually using this feature to collect emails. After that, they are sending emails that are not really related to the businesses. They are just sending emails that can help them sell their products or services. Although spamming is not legal, spammers are still sending thousands of emails on a daily basis.

Finally, we have hackers. They represent individuals who use a WHOIS domain search in order to find the hosting service provider that a website uses. After that, they are ready to conduct an attack because they know the servers. One of the most commonly used forms of attack is a DDOS attack. What’s unique about this attack is that hackers are sending data packets directly to the servers in order to slow them down. In case there’s no efficient security software in place, the server can be stuck for hours preventing visitors from getting to your website.

Obviously, the WHOIS domain search feature can be used for different purposes by different categories of people. If you want to stay under the radar and avoid hackers and spammers, then you should pay for domain privacy.

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